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IBM® Tape Storage Solutions

Future Data Solutions offers a full range of innovative IBM Tape Storage Solutions to protect your data assets. IT Professionals rely on Future Data Solutions to provide quality IBM hardware solutions at affordable prices with short lead times. We offer organizations access to both factory-sealed current systems and IBM MSQ/Banded certified used systems.

As information storage demands inevitably increase, so could your hardware, tape cartridges, maintenance, support personnel, environmentals and floor space. Managing tape storage requirements while minimizing costs is a massive, but critical undertaking. Whether your operation is small or large, regional or international, Future Data Solutions has the tape solution for you.

IBM® Tape Storage Solutions
IBM Enterprise and LTO Tape Drives
IBM 3592E08, E07, E06, E05, J1A, C06, J70, C20
IBM 3590H11, H1A, E11, E1A, B11, B1A, A60, A50, A00, A14
IBM 3588F7A, F6C, F6A, F5C, F5A, F4A, F3B, F3A
IBM 3580S63, S53, L43, S43, L33
IBM 3570C22, C21, C12, C11, C02, C01, C00, B22, B21, B1A, B12, B02, B11, B01, B00
IBM 3490FC0, F1A, F11, F01, F00, E11, E01, D42, D41, D32, D31, C22, C11, C10, C2A, C1A, B40, B20, B04, B02, A20, A10, A02, A01

IBM Enterprise and LTO Tape Libraries
IBM 3584L25, D25, S25, L23, L22, D23, D22, S24 - (3592 Frames)
IBM 3584L55, D55, S55, L53, L52, L32, D53, D52, D32, S54 - (LTO Frames)
IBM 3494L22, L14, L12, L10, D24, D22, D14, D12, D10, S10, HA1, B20, B18, B16, B10, CX1, CX0
IBM 3577L5U
IBM 3576L5B, E9U
IBM 3953F05, L05
IBM 3583L72, L36, L18
IBM 3582L23
IBM 3581L11, H11, F28
IBM 3592C20
IBM 3590C14, C12, C10

Whether you are looking for a single tape drive or a multiple frame tape library, we offer standard or custom configurations to suit your IT needs. Our highly skilled, manufacturer certified engineers ensure you receive quality solutions while reducing lead times and saving you money.

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